No Man Is An Island!

April 20, 2018


We've heard these slogans before... "Team work makes the dream work" or "Collaboration over Competition" they all sound fine and dandy, but, as cliche as they sound, they are two of the truest statements ever made. 


As proud owner/founder of Tours Bénies Rental Services (TBRS), I have by no means ever expressed that I'm a cake specialist/creator of fascinating and hauntingly beautiful edible creations. Nope! That's not my lane and there's no shame in admitting it either!


The very first client who requested cupcake treats with one of my rentals, blew my mind. I freaked out! My naive business mind and mouth said, 'sorry we can't help you. We don't bake cupcakes, we only supply the stands'. 


Unfortunately, I lost that client. Minutes later, I began kicking myself in the head because all I had to do was find a baker! DUH!!! Sad thing was, I hardly knew professional bakers, someone easily accessible to give their personal touch. I couldn't go to a local grocery store and get that (even though it was a possibility). No way! 

Lesson learnt! It was time to start building a network. A team. Many of my clients were bakers themselves, so in turn, I maintained good relationships with them and each are now a valuable resource. Nowhere in Trinidad is too far to get what you need in Trinidad (from San Fernando to Diego Martin? I'll be there, Sure!)


Since our inception, Tours Bénies has had the profound honor of collaborating with some of our best  local professional bakers, caterers, other rental owners and event planners... all experts in their field. As a rental business, we have had several clients request goodies and treats to accompany their rentals and are now able to say with confidence, 'Yes we can supply you with whatever you need.'


Even when we have a showcase, we turn to some of our trusted partners for the perfect presentation & execution of our table.

For this we sincerely thank you. No man is an island. No one can survive in these shark infested waters alone. Both can reach further together. Team work really made my dream work! 

For some of you who may not know a cake person near you, here is just a handful of the ones Tours Bénies can give a stamp of approval:


Tours Bénies' first showcase for 2018 will be with Each One Helping One Productions & South Side Expo & Fair

In true TBRS style, we will be having great prizes at our table.

For this we'll be teaming up with Desserts by Danielle & Farial Ramlakhan.

#supportlocal #bouncycastle #greatbuysandbargains #specialguestperformer #linxandcreditcardaccepted


Date: Saturday 28th April, 2018. 

Time: 10am - 5pm

Venue: The Oasis, 101 Circular Road, San Fernando

Cost: $20 Adults. Kids 12 and under: Free!!! 


This will be the first of 3 back to back Expos where Tours Bénies will be showing up and showing out! 


Next? Upmarket! 


New items in store this quarter and will be available by June 2018. 


Here's a preview... :) 15" Gold Chandelier Cake Stand. Yassssss! 

There's more where that came from!

Visit our fabulous website:

Send us an email -

Call/WhatsApp 1-868-798-1449.


Looking forward to seeing you in the flesh!

Visit our fabulous booths... Bring a friend!

See you there! 


Tours Benies Rental Services... Making Your Edible, Incredible!  

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