5 Tips for Creating Your Own Dessert Station

October 26, 2017


I wish I could say that dessert stations are now all the rage, but they're as popular as cupcakes, which has pleasantly become the standard in any wedding or special celebratory event. The question now is, how do you make it unique and special for you and your guests? The possibilities are endless!


For some, they may simply hire a professional who'll take on the challenge of organizing, selecting, arranging and perfecting the execution of 'the perfect dessert station'. A dessert table done right is never considered cheap when hiring a professional!


The alternative however, might be easier on your pocket, but you might relegate your presentation to using cups, bowls, trays and jars from your kitchen (not that there's anything wrong with that). The end may get the job done and with a little imagination, pull off a really fun and creative dessert station.


These are 5 tips to consider when creating your own dessert station:


1. Pick a theme or color scheme

This is critical. Be creative but keep it simple. If its for a wedding, the couple may already have a theme or color scheme in mind. Stick to it! If the bride likes pink, then you have a degree of liberty as pink has varying hues. Because a dessert station can be laid out in any design imaginable, this simple tip will keep you from straying. If your kid wants characters from the avengers, colors of your treats can vary but still reflect the overall theme! 


2. Presentation is key - No flat tables!


Nobody likes a flat table. Give your dessert station some depth with treats served in receptacles of varying heights. At eye level, This adds interest and depth to your table. Thoughtfulness with the use of a cake that's 2-3 tiers, candy jars, serving trays with cupcake stands, all add dimension to your dessert station. It draws attention to your table and pretty soon, those dessert treats will be all gone! This makes your table memorable!


3. Add simple decorations 



Give it some oomph! Many can say that less is more, but if your table is a bit lack-luster, you can add some vases with flowers, a backdrop with balloons, a string of lights or even battery operated tea lights to add some visual interest. If your table is already fully laden, then you can nix the table decorations and focus on a backdrop only, if necessary! Note - your decor should coincide with the theme and not overpower your dessert table. It's the main attraction! 


4. Know your Guests:Dessert Station ratio! 



The quantity of desserts at your dessert station not only depends on the number of persons in attendance to your event, but should take into consideration what other meals are being served. If you're having a 3 course meal (or big lunch) with desserts being served to your guests before, then you only need dessert treats on your table for approx. 50% of the people you have at your event, with a variety of 4-8 dessert options, as the average person may only take approx. 3-5 items from the dessert table. Mix the sweet with the savory! 


P.S. Decorative Fruit Trees and Chocolate Fountains don't fall into this category. See! That wasn't so hard! 


5. Mix Up Your Treats


Traditionally, dessert stations are laden with gum balls, colored candy, chocolate, cupcakes etc. Don't be afraid to add some home made delights or even local treats indigenous to where you're from. In Trinidad, step out and add some tamarind balls, coconut cake, toolum or khurma to your dessert station. The key is to know the audience you're serving and make it easy on your pocket while giving a stunning presentation. Satisfaction guaranteed! 


So what will you be using to lay out your delicious dessert treats? Well I'm so glad you asked! 


Tours Benies Rental Services will be rolling out our dessert station packages for 2018! Create Your Own Dessert Station with our variety of pedestal and traditional dessert stands, apothecary dessert jars, acrylic stands and even our signature hand crafted, one-of-a-kind complete set ideal for weddings, corporate, birthday and shower celebrations! 


There's so much in store for you! We can't wait!


Visit us at www.toursbenies.com, like us on Facebook, and on Instagram


Tours Benies Rental Services... Making Your Edible, Incredible!  

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