August 22, 2017

Many of us have heard the term, "take a leap of faith". It applies to every area of our lives. Ever considered what would happen if you didn't?


Tours Benies was the biggest leap of faith I've ever had to take. Not even getting married and becoming a step mom prepared me for entrepreneurship! 

Start a business???? Me???? I told myself every possible doubtful excuse you could imagine!

"You have no business acumen child!"

"Stay in your nursing lane and be content" 

"You don't have a dollar to your name to even start!"

"No one will buy from you"

"What do you know, eh?"


There were these and so much more coming from the "twins in my head" - Fear and Doubt. I don't need to expound on these two because they are all too familiar to us. They are the family members you don't want to invite to the Christmas party, yet you extend the invitation because you don't want them to feel left out... meanwhile your cutlery ends up missing after everybody has dined, laughed and left your house! 


Some things (even people) you can do without!


But what do you do when your "twins" reside in your own house?


Simple! Serve them an eviction notice! This is easier said than done. 


It's easy to talk a good game and be all positive and hopeful and encouraging! "All you have to do is put your doubts out of your mind" they say... as if its as easy as taking out the garbage and seeing the truck roll away to the dump with it. LETS BE REAL!!! IT'S ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS TO OVERCOME!"


"So how did you overcome your 'twins' those twins Abby? You had to have done something to make that first step?"


I chose to take a leap of faith. I knew deep down that my faith and belief in God and his power to enable and empower me to do the impossible, was greater than any fear and doubt I had. I made the conscious decision to starve those twins and drown out those stupid voices and lies I told myself and found myself a new tribe of like minded people. Eventually, I found myself doing the impossible. I became an entrepreneur! 


Nothing about it was easy, but it all began with first making a decision! I hold close to my "WHY" on days where those twins want to tread water and eat steak and regain strength in my head to weaken my spirit. Its a constant battle. But, the victory goes to the one I feed the most. I always choose to feed my faith, and kick those twins in the teeth! Not everyone will cheer you on, but hold on to the cheers of those who do! Keep them in your corner! 


Take a leap of faith and go after your dream! You're never too young, old, sick, broke etc. Stop making excuses and start living! God is good and his mercies endures forever... 


From a single cupcake stand to custom made masterpieces, I've seen where hard work, prayer, persistence and consistency has opened doors that no man can shut.


Tours Benies Rental Services continues to offer quality service.


One month from today we'll be turning 1!!!! Whoop Whoop!!! #11montholdbaby 

To celebrate, you have a chance to win a dessert jar set! Ideal for showing off those sweet treats on your dessert table for your next celebration! Details coming soon! Subscribe to our fabulous site to be in the know... 


Tours Benies Rental Services ... Making Your Edible, Incredible! 
















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