I'm a Daddy's girl!


Its June 2017 and another Father's Day is drawing nigh. Not many people feel the deep sense of love and connection towards their fathers as they do their mothers, and understandably so, but for the father's that didn't quite hack it, there were those who did a phenomenal job and don't regrettably, don't get the credit they rightfully deserve.


I'm the quintessential daddy's girl and I make no apologies for it. I'm not spoiled by any means but I was always loved, admired and adored by my father. When everyone else was disciplining me with 'good licks', he was always there to run to and cry in his arms. Even when I did wrong, he never in all my life, raised his hand at me. He always disciplined me with words, never yelling either. The only time he raised his voice was when he was happy and having a grand time with family and friends. 


To me he's the best dancer in the world. Charismatic and well spoken. Always called to be the MC for someone's wedding (mine!), or something at his job. A lover of music, a good "Pal Joey Lewis" party- goer ready to sway with someone's lady to any one of those rockers, sung by Eddie Lovette... "honey you, are my shining star... " with the quickest dip and turn you'd ever get. There was always a woman trailing behind him... and who could blame them. Lol! 


In many ways, I see my father in my mannerisms, the way in which I deal with conflict, and in my love for dance and music to name a few. 

I'm as outgoing as as he is, as well as idealistic. It helped me to form a strong positive outlook on learning to love who I am at an early age because I received positive reinforcements and established a big part of my identity from him.


I wasn't always as confident or as grounded in my personality as I am now...OH NO!!! There were a few years when I went bat"isht" crazy, staying out late, liming with friends, all up in the club etc. It was so severe my mother began calling me "the President" because I was never at home. But after one time is another and eventually, I settled down. Looking back, those were the years I was far away from him, and trying to find my own voice once again in the world as a teen and young adult. Thankfully, his door was always wide open to receive his prodigal daughter, without judgment, and lots of love. I always felt super special knowing that I'm his only child. 


My heart always goes out to young people who grew up never having that close knit relationship with their father, or not having a father-figure around. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure this absence has also shaped many young men to either turn to criminal activity and gangs seeking that leadership they never had, or towards excellence in other pursuits so as to not repeat the curse of daddy's absenteeism when they have their own family. Similar fate with girls too who grow up having daddy issues. That manifests itself in a barrage of ways too numerous to mention, both positive and negative.


There's always our heavenly Father who watches over us and seeks to have intimate relationship with us, but for many, he's just too far away, or their faith doesn't stretch as far to believe he really cares. That is one relationship I guarantee will be the most rewarding. He's a father to the fatherless. 


So this blog is dedicated to all the fathers who haven't abdicated their role for one reason or another. It is a GOD GIVEN ROLE. Not for the faint of heart, but for those called to be good stewards over the gift(s) that God has placed in your lap whether you were ready or not! Its the fastest way to grow up and sober up especially when you realize you can no longer live for yourself but for the life you helped to create. Its a great privilege and an honor. You may not always get it right but you'll always be your child's hero... You're one of their first loves.


Our cupcake bouquet was a hit for Mother's Day! Father's Day will not be outdone! So in honor of Father's Day 2017, Tours Benies Rental Services will be having another giveaway! A Father's Day Look-A-Like Cake Pop Extravanganza!!! lol... is that too much?? 


How many times have you been told, "oh wow, you look just like your father!!!" (one too many I'm sure). Well its a contest called #twinningwithDaddyX where you can win 2 dozen assorted cake pops for your daddy! That's right! Round, tasty and beautifully decorated just for him! 


To enter here are the rules:

1. Upload a picture of you and your father, the one which shows you bearing the closest resemblance. No photoshop! 

2. Use the tag #twinningwithDaddy and put both his name and yours, in that order, at the end of the hashtag. (e.g #twinningwithDaddyAllanandAbby).

3. Get your friends and family members to like the page and the picture. The one with the most likes wins our grand prize! Whoop Whoop!!!!!  


Nothing says, "Happy Father's Day" like cake, and its even more fun with cake pops!


Contest begins on Friday 9th June, 2017. Competition ends on Friday 16th June, 2017 @ 9pm. Contest for residents of Trinidad & Tobago only. Only one entry per person.


I'm so excited! Tours Benies Rental Services... Making Your Edible, Incredible! 



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