I just snapped!!!

April 26, 2017

I was working at an insurance company as a clerk in the legal department. Here I was, this precocious 20 year old, grateful and excited for this opportunity because I was able to impress the managing director who personally interviewed me. If you asked me what I said, I couldn't tell you but I was determined to baffle him with BS if I had to. Whatever it was, it worked! I was hired on the spot. With no legal background, I just went with the favor of God, my mouth and self taught typing ability (thank you Mavis Beacon!).


How did I even end up being seated in front of the managing director, of one of the leading insurance companies? This wasn't even one of those places where I had submitted my resume and hoped for a call back, oh no! This was back in the day where "floppy discs" were still all the rage. Lol!


Just the week before I was at home, twiddling my thumbs, receiving letters in the mail and telephone calls from places I sent out my resume to, telling me that they've received my information and have placed it on file until an opening came up. Doors were closing in my face!


Have you ever felt like life was just passing you by and you were just stuck in limbo, a hamster on a wheel? Well that was me. I was unemployed, sitting at home for months, watching my nails grow, and waiting for a miracle. Missing my old job because of the independence & autonomy it brought me. I always liked being my own boss and not relying on others financially. I was living with my mother and younger sister (I'm 9 years her senior), which now made me a glorified babysitter. I wanted to hang out with friends but not wanting to be a burden or feel like a charity case. Being unemployed humbled me.


Then one day, I just snapped! 


I wrote my own sales pitch to sell myself! I then grabbed the yellow pages of the telephone directory and began calling businesses and companies, asking to speak directly to the HR managers... I started in alphabetical order:

A - air-condition etc,

B - bathrooms, banks etc. I faced rejection every time. One of them even told me "get lost". Sigh... but I persevered.

H - hotels. I called and gave them all the same sales pitch. The first hotel I called and assertively requested to speak to the HR manager, to my pleasant surprise I was put through. 


I began my sales pitch,"Hello Sir, I'm seeking a job at your institution. You don't know me but I'd love to become an asset to your team. Even though this is unconventional, this alone should prove that I'll take the initiative to do whatever it takes to get the job done to please your clients, and bring money to your company."


After saying it repeatedly for the past 2 hours (running up my mother's phone bill), I began believing it. The HR Manager was impressed enough to schedule me for an interview.

Yay! Traction!


In my mind I was determined to get another interview booked.

I - insurance. I was rejected by the first two insurance companies. By the time I got to the third insurance company, I began feeling tired, frustrated, losing my zeal and assertiveness and ready to settle for my only confirmed interview. When I was put through to the "HR Manager" once again I stated my piece, and gave my sales pitch. He was so impressed by my boldness that my interview was scheduled the very next day! Needless to say, I got the job. That job was a stepping stone towards the successful pursuit of my nursing career 18 months later, and as they say, the rest is history!  


Whenever you come to a place where you just 'snap' remember these 3 things:  


1. Snapping is a good thing! Its the impetus that drives you to do something about your situation. Many times it requires you to think outside of the box, actually, THERE IS NO BOX!


2. Don't take "no" for an answer! Persevere! Just keep it moving onto the next until you get a big fat yes. Never give up. Fight as if your life depends on it, because it does. Use rejection as fuel; trials are food for your faith.


3. Never forget where you came from! When you are elevated in any way, remain humble. Be thankful and grateful for the ability to move forward in life. Life experiences builds character and integrity so pursue excellence and your character is what will keep you at the top.


15 years later, I'm now the proud owner/founder of Tours Bénies Rental Services. That 20 year old boldness has now grown 10-fold. Many times I had to remind myself of what I've accomplished with the gifts and resources God placed inside of me and will always be eternally grateful. Blessed to be a blessing. 



Tours Bénies Rental Services... Making Your Edible, Incredible! 


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