Family Values

December 1, 2016

In this season, there are so many things going on. From shopping, to cleaning, to cooking, to sifting through all the commercial chatter on the radio, television, newspapers, internet... You name it!!!


It's a lot of noise. How do you differentiate from that? It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. In the end, many of us find ourselves at the end of the Christmas season, into the New Year and then its all over. We find ourselves asking certain questions: Where did the time go? Where is my money? Did I really buy that? Wow!!! I'm not going to do this again... Then, when the season comes around again, many get caught up and its the vicious cycle on repeat.


How did we get here?


I remember a simpler time, when I was growing up in Tobago, my grandmother was one who would always bake up a storm and we would always have Cocoa-grated Chocolate Tea (yum!) with home-made bread, home-made wine & ponche-de-creme. Don't forget the Ham and the chow-chow (drewls)... I remember making my own stackable sandwich with every thing in it and knocking out until 5pm later that day... Breakfast was always that awesome... I remember rainy Christmas mornings, the cock in the yard crowing which was always quickly followed by a few big stones, opening gifts and having all the toys to myself, being the only child for 5 years, memories that all resonate one thing... family!


Fast forward to today's Christmas celebrations... In my family not much has changed. We try to stick to the traditions that we've grown accustom to. For the most part we achieved those things. A few old family members are no longer with us, but new family members have been added as well. How times have changed, yet so much has remained the same. My mother has always been the stickler for Christmas morning breakfast, just like the ones we use to have, and were it not for her insistence, we probably may not have held on to this tradition today. I promised myself that I will continue in this family tradition because it helps to bring us closer together. If during the year, everyone isn't together to dine and break bread all at the same time, at least we all look forward to Christmas morning. Its ingrained in our consciousness and all for the better.


This is just one of many family traditions I've learnt and kept many values along the way. Some of which I now institute in my own family. These ingrained values helped create the person that I am today (who I think is totally awesome!) and its an honor to now pass these on. 


In our business, our towers aren't just beautiful, classy & fun, each of them tell a story and reflect some of the values I hold near and dear. My Platinum Packages are the Acrylic Towers. They represent Strength, Class, Uniqueness.

My Pearl Packages are the Metallic Miniature Towers. They represent Strength, Elegance, Endurance.

My Pocket Friendly Packages are the Corrugated Cardboard. They represent Quality, Assurance, Joy.

Our Deluxe Center Pieces represent Reliability, Elegance, Functional.


When clients rent our wonderful stands, they speak for themselves and emanate the value ascribed to them at that client's event. The benefits of having a custom stand always fosters togetherness among the guests and showcases your cupcakes & desserts in the most incredible and unforgettable way, making them the talk of the event. In the end we are all family.


Tours Benies Rental Services... Making Your Edible, Incredible!

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